Hello! I’m Kristin and I am passionate about helping students succeed. I’ve spent the last decade teaching math to middle school and high school students. I'm the face behind Absolute Math.

Teaching math in a variety of environments has allowed me to see the big picture. It is crucial to have a solid math foundation to build upon and number sense as a guide.

If your child is struggling in math – I can help. I teach math in a way that makes sense. Developing number sense and confidence are primary goals when I work with students.

Math is sequential, building on prior knowledge. Connections between concepts allow students to be creative when approaching new problems. Math becomes a web of tools with multiple access points to get started. Without these connections math is like climbing a ladder, students have missing rungs and cannot move on past their gaps in knowledge. Personalized instruction will fill in the gaps and foster the missing connections.

I want all students to be inspired to solve problems, take risks, build confidence, and enjoy the challenges math provides. I know all students can learn math, I want all educators, parents, and most importantly students to feel they can learn math as well.

Math classrooms impact how students think about themselves and others. Our aim should be to teach math in settings that encourage open-mindedness and respect of different ideas, where students learn to work together and see differences as a resource. The best thing we can do for the future is to teach our children to think creatively and flexibly to solve problems.

We want the next generation to: question, wonder, experiment, try, fail, innovate, persevere, succeed and have the confidence to do so.

Math can teach all this and more.